Celebrity Birthdays of the week!!

This week, we’ve prepared some cards for four of our favorite birthday celebrating -celebs of the week -Usher, Angela Lansbury, Zac Effron and John Krasinski – What do you think of them?!



September is the month for birthdays!

Did you know more babies are born in September than any other month? Good thing we have so many CleverCard designs for you to choose from!

Send a Cleverbug Birthday Card!

Send a Cleverbug Birthday Card!

We LOVE Free Cards!
You can send unlimited digital CleverCards for FREE to share on Facebook, email or SMS. What are you waiting for? Send a Clever Birthday, New Baby or Welcome Card now!

Only 3 days left to brighten up this Sunday for the Grandparent in your life!

Grandparents Day is this Sunday on September 8th!

It may be too late now to mail a real card today for arrival on Grandparents Day, but we always recommend to order a printed card no matter how late and it will be received as a nice surprise next week! Cleverbug always has a solution for belated card sending however…


Send a personal and customized card through Facebook – by scheduling it to post this Sunday. Your Grandparents may not be on Facebook – but you can still post the card to your timeline for your other relatives and friends to see! If Facebook is not for you – no problem – send your card via SMS or email instantly on Sunday 8th. You can be certain that a Cleverbug card will brighten up their day! What’s also cool – ALL VIRTUAL CARDS ARE ABSOLUTELY FREE!! 

Scheduling Virtual Cards on Cleverbug

 Add your Grandparents

If your Grandparents are not on your Friends List you can add them by clicking the Add Birthdays of Family & Friends button and entering their details!

Add birthdays of Family & Friends

Don’t forget to honor the important people in your life – send a card now! It won’t take you more than a couple of minutes.

Have a good Grandparents weekend everyone!!

Maria @ Cleverbug

Print, send and frame all those awesome summer memories – with Cleverbug!

*Summer is almost over – don’t leave your precious memories behind on Facebook, phone or camera!*

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Cleverbug is not just for sending cards, but for printing and sending all those special memories to family, friends and loved ones! Remind those who you care about the most of all happy times you had over the summer by sending them a little momentum  to bring back the memories. Simply go to the ‘General’ category within the app and personalize your summer card now.

  • Why not send a family photo card from your holidays to a relative or close friend?
  • Select a card themed for Summer Camp, BBQ or music festivals.
  • Print cool cards of the best memories to decorate your fridge or put on display in your home.
  • Our cards are 5 x 7 inches folded – which is the perfect standard size for framing!
​Bring all your awesome sunny pics to life, with a Cleverbug card. Show off your summer fun in the sun NOW!

**The waiting is over – literally!**

We’ve listened and we’ve sped up that load speed!

Many customers have given us valuable feedback over the past months on the Cleverbug app and since we’ve been working on speeding up the load time for the greeting card previews. We’ve made effective improvements on this feature with our latest release – Version 1.8.2. You will now be able to preview and browse a larger variety of cards in much less time – making the card ordering process, even more convenient! Check out our new app store screen shots also below.

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Some other features we’ve worked on for our new release:

  • Within card editing we have added a photo edit icon to make it a lot more obvious that photos in cards can be changed and in addition we also re-display the click any photo message.
  • We also have turned off the “refer a friend” pop up message that used to appear after every third app start as we don’t want to over use the feature.
  • Improved UI for add friend screen so it’s easier to enter all the necessary information
  • Added logic for pop-up if no photo is added – we don’t want people sending blank cards!
  • Facebook permission handling – messaging for customers who have not given permissions

Some little bugs fixed were…

  • We also fixed some memory leaks that were causing crashes.
  • UI bug when inserting photos from facebook
  • Sub category ID bug
  • Resume after inactivity fixes

Update your Cleverbug app now to see all the changes for yourself.

If you have any feedback or comments feel free to send your honest opinions to Maria on feedback@cleverbug.com – we reward constructive criticism so please do get in touch!

Mark the birth of the Royal Baby with a Cleverbug card as a keepsake!

Today we are marking the widely anticipated birth of the Royal Baby – born yesterday, July 22nd! Are you as elated as we are? Show your excitement and support to William and Kate by sending them a celebratory virtual or printed Cleverbug Card. The best thing is – we’ll deliver the printed card straight to Buckingham Palace for you!

Send a real printed celebratory card to the Royal Baby - with the Cleverbug app!

Send a real printed celebratory card to the Royal Baby – with the Cleverbug app!

Add family & friends not on Facebook to your Cleverbug app!

We’re really excited to announce that you can now add any family or friends who aren’t on Facebook to your Cleverbug app! 

Open your Cleverbug app now to see this new feature for yourself.

add friends and family to your Cleverbug apo

Whether it’s your new-born niece or nephew, your best friend’s kid or an elderly grandparent, we know there are lots of people not on Facebook who you’d love to treat with a real, personalized card. And now you can!

Update your app to make sure you have the latest version of Cleverbug, then simply click ‘Add Birthdays of Family & Friends’. You’ll be able to add their details and send them a unique printed card, complete with photos, straight from your phone.

Many of you have been asking us to add this feature over the last months and now it’s here. We hope you enjoy it!