**The waiting is over – literally!**

We’ve listened and we’ve sped up that load speed!

Many customers have given us valuable feedback over the past months on the Cleverbug app and since we’ve been working on speeding up the load time for the greeting card previews. We’ve made effective improvements on this feature with our latest release – Version 1.8.2. You will now be able to preview and browse a larger variety of cards in much less time – making the card ordering process, even more convenient! Check out our new app store screen shots also below.

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Some other features we’ve worked on for our new release:

  • Within card editing we have added a photo edit icon to make it a lot more obvious that photos in cards can be changed and in addition we also re-display the click any photo message.
  • We also have turned off the “refer a friend” pop up message that used to appear after every third app start as we don’t want to over use the feature.
  • Improved UI for add friend screen so it’s easier to enter all the necessary information
  • Added logic for pop-up if no photo is added – we don’t want people sending blank cards!
  • Facebook permission handling – messaging for customers who have not given permissions

Some little bugs fixed were…

  • We also fixed some memory leaks that were causing crashes.
  • UI bug when inserting photos from facebook
  • Sub category ID bug
  • Resume after inactivity fixes

Update your Cleverbug app now to see all the changes for yourself.

If you have any feedback or comments feel free to send your honest opinions to Maria on feedback@cleverbug.com – we reward constructive criticism so please do get in touch!


4 thoughts on “**The waiting is over – literally!**

  1. it is a pity that pictures can only be used that are on facebook.I have lots of friends and
    would love to send them cards, but they do not have any pictures on Facebook, whilst I
    have plenty on my camera app. on iphone

    • Hi Breeda! Thanks for getting in touch. You can also select photos from your iPhone and you can take an instant picture to upload that also. Let me know if this helps.
      Thanks – Maria @ Cleverbug.

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