Who is Cristian Ban?

To those people who received a notification telling them that Cristian Ban claimed his free Cleverbug card, we do apologise – this was a not-so-clever bug in our system that sent a test notification farther and wider than was intended.

However, for the benefit of anyone wondering who Cristian Ban actually is, here’s a quick rundown.

Cristian, known to all of us at Cleverbug HQ as Cristi, is an award-winning software developer at Cleverbug. He comes from Romania, likes taking photos of his food, is a big fan of the new coffee machine and enjoys paragliding in his spare time. So now you know πŸ™‚



It’s Dad’s turn!

It’s Father’s Day on June 16th and we’ve launched a brand new range of cards to celebrate the special man in your life!

card range for blog

As usual, just log in to the Cleverbug app on your phone to send him a real printed Father’s Day card straight from your mobile.

And it doesn’t have to be your own father – brothers, uncles, grandfathers, friends – they all deserve a bit of recognition and encouragement for a hard job well done!

Oh and if you don’t already have Cleverbug you can download it hereΒ http://bit.ly/CleverbugΒ – and send your first card for free.

Up, Up and Away!

The new upgrade for the Cleverbug app has arrived!You spoke and we listened! We heard what you wanted and now that change has been made! πŸ™‚

Upgrade today and avail of the new “MY ORDER” feature in the menu bar, where you can look at all you previous and current orders!

You can also share all your past, present and future orders with your friends and family through email, SMS text, tweet or Facebook post!

Keep sharing the love for any occasion with Celverbug! Upgrade for free (as always) today! http://bit.ly/CleverbugFB


Mothers Day… It should be Mother’s Week!

What a weekend! We hope you and your Mother made the most of yesterday, because it’s crazy to think that we have another year until Mother’s get that special shout out again!

Did you get up to anything interesting with your Mother on Sunday? Any special memories that made it a great weekend?

If you have any photos or stories we’d love to hear about them here, on our Facebook or even Twitter! Celverbug is all about sharing the love and we can’t do that without you!

Graduation Cards are now available!

Hey everyone!

Are there any former students you should be congratulating around this time?

Someone you may know may have just finished those wild years of college and are about to face the real world with a bang! Why not make it easier on them with a Cleverbug card? Pictures of their…. ahem…. well spent time in the library could be the touch they’d love on a personally designed card!

They could even keep it as a memento of their favourite times in college, so they never forget that at one stage in their life they really were fun! πŸ˜‰

Check out our selection of cards on our app here;Β http://bit.ly/Cleverbug and send someone a card today! College graduation only happens once, so don’t miss out!

Here’s a preview of just some of the cards you could send:Image



Fast times at Cleverbug!

We hope everyone’s getting that summer feeling cause things are heating up around here! Our head honcho (Kealan Lennon) wrote an interesting article about our digital lifestyles that’s been published on fastcompany.com.


AAAAnd our International Mothers Day campaign got mentioned on Lifehacker!


Check them out and let us know what you think! We’re growing up fast and we want you along for the ride! πŸ™‚