eCard free-for-all

We’re really excited to announce that you can now send free eCards with the Cleverbug app!

We’ve had heaps of people asking us when eCard will be available. We’ve listened to you – and the answer is now! If you haven’t already upgraded to the latest version of Cleverbug, you can do so immediately in the App Store.

Here’s an example of what your eCard will look like – and your friend will be able to open the card to see your personal message inside too.

Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 16.02.48

eCards are completely free to send and are a great way to send a last minute greeting to your friends if you don’t have time to catch the mail.

Cleverbug is still just as simple to use:

★ Login with your Facebook details

★ View your friends’ upcoming birthdays

★ Choose a unique card, full of their Facebook photos

★ Edit the photos and message if you wish

★ Choose from Printed Card, Facebook eCard or Both

And you’re done!

We’re always keen to hear what people think about our app so we’ve also added a ‘Rate & Feedback’ option so you can let us know your thoughts.

Happy Cleverbugging!


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