It’s official: Cleverbug has arrived!

Today we’re absolutely delighted to announced that our brand new shiny app ‘Birthday Cards by Cleverbug’ has hit the App Store. It’s been a busy few months, not to mention a hectic few days, but we’re thrilled with the result and we hope you will be too 🙂 To celebrate, we’re giving everyone who downloads the app a free birthday card to send to a friend – here’s the link:

The aim of our app is to put a bit of magic back into birthdays – after all, a personalized card dropping on to your doormat is a much nicer thing to wake up to on your birthday than a Facebook wall post. But we’ve also tried to take the hard work out of sending birthday cards. There’s no more remembering birthdays, trawling a card store or hunting for a stamp – Cleverbug does all that for you. Have a play and see for yourself!

As with any social app, the more people who use Cleverbug, the more fun it will be. We’d love you to spread the word by inviting your friends to Cleverbug (simply click ‘Invite friends’ when prompted to do so by the app), sharing the link to download the app and, of course, by using the app to sending your free card to a lucky friend.

If you like what you see then don’t be shy! Please leave a review in the app store and on Facebook, and we’d also be delighted to hear from you in the comments below or at

We hope you enjoy the app!


2 thoughts on “It’s official: Cleverbug has arrived!

  1. Great app!! I already have beautiful, personalised birthday cards scheduled to send to all of my friends who have birthdays for the next 2 months (with some really fun photos of us from their Facebook page)! I am never ahead of the game on this stuff, so feeling a bit smug about it 😉 – no more scrambling at the shop aand post office for me! Thanks Cleverbug!!

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